Below are answers to the most common questions about the Incent Food Service Rewards Platform. If you additional questions, we’re available Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm CDT at (417) 243-0600 to help you!

Will our program get a branded dashboard?

Yes! One of the core aspects of Incent’s platform is that you as a manufacturer get a branded rewards dashboard for managing and executing promotions, so only your brand(s) will appear on the dashboard.

Learn more on our Destination for Operator Engagement page.

Can you help us execute Broker sales incentives?

Yes! We can help you plan and execute sales incentives programs with your broker network.

Do you have other rewards options besides branded cash back cards?

Yes. While our primary program is set up for branded cash back cards, we recognize this may not be the perfect fit for every program. If you need other options, we can issue rebate checks or develop a customer rewards catalog for your program.

Can you help us execute distributor sales incentives programs?

Absolutely! That’s a core part of our platform. We can even help you plan and execute unique sales incentive programs by distributor location.

Learn more about how we help you on our Facilitating Sales Incentives page.

Will my logo be on the cash back card?

Yes! We’ll design and distribute a branded & official Visa debit card with your logo. Learn more on our Custom Cash Back Card page.

Who handles distributing funds onto the cash back cards?

We do it for you! Rather than having to budget time for your team to manage funds for your program, we remove that need and handle all aspects of rewards distribution for you. Learn more on our Custom Cash Back Card page.

Will we need to start taking customer service calls from operators?

We handle that, too! Our team in Springfield, MO will handle all customer service aspects of your rewards program, and we do it all under your brand name. Learn more about at our Customer Service page

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