Reward Purchase Loyalty

A turnkey foodservice incentive program with everything you need to reward your customers.

Incent is for foodservice manufacturers who are growing & defending market share.

Everything you want and need in an effective incentive program. Incent drives purchases through stronger connections with DSRs and Operators.

Customizable Foodservice Incentive Platform

Customizable Program

The flexible features of the Incent platform offer the ability to fit various supply chain levels of loyalty and sales incentives. We’ll help apply the tech perfectly to your program.

Foodservice Loyalty Program with Performance Dashboard

Fully Measurable

Program reports on the Incent platform offer a depth of data unrivaled by other loyalty programs, with ongoing session-based connections to program participants.

Custom branded loyalty program for mobile compatibility

Your Brand, Your Program

Your program runs on the Incent platform, but wears your brand and is owned by you. It’s important that your customers and reps recognize that your brand is winning their loyalty.

Enterprise power, compatible
with today’s mobile devices.

Built considering mobile first, the Incent application is mobile-friendly for all BSR and DSR managers, reps, and your Operator users. We ensure always-easy and ever-frequent mobile access to your incentive and marketing dashboards and content.

Proven platform
for operator loyalty.

Not only is the Incent platform hassle-free and preferred by operators with its automated Visa/Mastercard payout, but it offers you a location for welcomed branded marketing communications to your customers and reps.

  • A Powerful System – An Automated Process

    Who do you need to Incent? Brokers, Distributors, Operators, Inside Sales? Come and get it.

Establishes a currency for
your customers bearing your brand.

Just as the Visa/MC here are branded Incent, your program rewards cards can be custom branded with your identity. This creates a sort of currency between you and your customers that represents an obvious value for their loyalty.

  • Target Specific SKUs

    When you need to move seasonal, newly introduced, or expand line adoption with your operators, this is often the easiest way to reward your customers for specific product purchases.

  • Direct Visa/MC Payouts

    Your operators and reps don’t want to hassle with forms, submissions, checks, or lick stamps. Incent just flows loyalty rewards straight to a branded Visa/MC for operators to spend how they prefer.

  • Awesome Program Support

    Let the Incent team handle all of your financial, technical and personal support for your program, saving you time and energy to focus on moving cases. Finally, an end-to-end loyalty solution.

A one-time, simple
integration has us on autopilot.

“Teaming up with Incent was the smartest decision we’ve made for our reps and customers. The sheer flexibility and automation of the platform has saved us time and was completely self liquidating. Incent is rock solid.”

— [ picture your name here ]

That’s not all…

Fully Measurable Data

Your Own
Branded Program

Fully Customizable

Cost Structure

Meaningful Incentives

Direct Customer

Fully Managed by Incent

Flexible, Reloadable
Visa/MC Payouts

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